Welcome to the premier Service Dealer program in the Automotive Aftermarket, developed with input from Service Dealers just like yourself! This program continues to attract strong Service Dealer customers who recognize the value in being a member of a nationwide program. The Parts Plus Car Care Center program continuously changes to meet the needs of the industry and that of the Car Care Centers. Parts Plus is committed to investing the resources required to continuously launch the programs that provide large returns for our Service Dealer customers.Unlike some other programs, the Parts Plus Car Care Center program is not designed to just sell you parts. It is designed to help you sell more service by offering programs that you select. These programs will enable you to better compete with national chains and OE dealers, project a more professional image, improve profitability, attract the right type of new customers and keep your existing customers coming back time and time again.The Parts Plus Car Care Center program is much like a toolbox in your bays. And like the tools in your tool boxes, you select the program(s) from the Parts Plus toolbox that you need and want to use to improve and grow your business and profits.As a Parts Plus Car Care Center you will automatically receive many programs and benefits as a member. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to purchase other programs you desire.

Join a team to keep your independence!


Membership Program Elements

CAR CARE CENTER MEMBERSHIP: Included in your Car Care Center enrollment are elements to help you begin receiving the benefits of being a Parts Plus Car Care Center immediately. We realize there may be some elements included that you are already using or may not have need for at this time. We also realize that some of the elements will be completely new to you and you may not be sure how they will assist you or think they won’t be beneficial. Be assured, that each element in the program has been tried and tested by service dealers like yourself across the country and that each one has definite benefit. Some elements may take a little longer to use consistently, but with your effort and our support, and training from your Parts Plus representative, you will be able to experience the same benefits as other Car Care Centers. In addition to the items included in the kit, there are other optional elements available that can be purchased.

The Car Care Center program has been designed to assist service dealers like yourself with National Identification, Communications, Business Building Support, Training, Product Promotions and Business Marketing Support. Listed below and on the next few pages are the individual program elements along with a description of each item and how they should be used to receive the maximum benefit.

Program Elements

The elements we have included in the Car Care Center program will enable you to start benefiting from the national recognition of the Parts Plus name and projecting a more professional image.

  • 1-800 Locator Service
  • ASE Test Reimbursement
  • Communication Posters
  • Consumer Promotions
  • Customer Pledge Plaque
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) cards
  • Customer Service Record Envelopes
  • Disposable Floor Mats
  • End Tab Enrollment
  • Internet Locator Service
  • National Advertising
  • Network Magazines
  • Newsletter
  • No Charge Order Form
  • North American Warranty
  • Oil Change Stickers
  • Plastic Poster Frame
  • Professional Identification

National Standards

With the help of the National Service Dealer Advisory Council and Car Care Centers across the country, we have developed guidelines and criteria that a shop must meet before they can join the “Family”. These guidelines help ensure a consistent reputation and image for all Car Care Centers. The Council believes the image portrayed by individual Car Care Centers reflect on ALL Car Care Centers and must be maintained at a minimal level. Their reasoning for the standards include:

  • The image of the repair industry is not good
    • Grease monkeys
    • Rip-offs (60 Minutes, 20/20, etc.)
  • A more professional image translates into being able to justify higher costs
    • If you look like crap, you will probably be paid like crap.
    • If you look professional and provide professional services, you can charge more for your services.
  • Technician/employee recognition
    • If you are in a restaurant and a GM tech walks in, you know he is a GM tech and where he works.
    • Employees have a better morale when dressed like a professional.


Image Evaluation Form



  • Landscaping maintaining
  • Adequate parking spaces
  • Clean and well maintained building
    • Exterior
    • Interior
  • No competitive signage/posters/materials
    • Exterior
    • Interior


  • Parts Plus Car Care Center sign
    • Exterior
      • Illuminated
      • Non-illuminated
      • Painted
    • Interior
      • CCC plaque displayed
      • Worry Free Guarantee displayed
      • Employee CCC identified uniform program
      • Current promotion poster

Customer waiting area

  • Clean and well maintained restrooms
  • Adequate seating in good condition
  • NO inappropriate calendars, pictures, etc.

Professional Image

  • Use of vehicle inspection system
  • ASE certified techs or equivalent
  • Use of disposable floor mats, steering wheel and seat protectors
  • Car Care Center identified workorders/invoices
  • Car Care Center identified business cards


Optional Programs & Elements

As a Parts Plus Car Care Center, there are a variety of tools and programs to assist you with your business. Each tool in our tool box has been utilized successfully by shops across the country just like yours. We don’t try to run your business for you or tell you how to run your business, we simply want to provide you with the tools you might need to succeed. These tools are very similar to the tools in the tool boxes in your shop… left in the drawers they cannot help you. The right tool must be used for the right job in order for it to work. We encourage you to evaluate each tool as you have need for them and decide whether that tool meets your needs. If at any time you have suggestions or recommendations for enhancing the Car Care Center program, we encourage you to contact your Parts Plus supplier or Network Headquarters.

  • Business Forms and Supplies
  • Forms Catalog
  • Calendar Program
  • Car Care Guides
  • Cintas Uniform Rental National Pricing Program
  • Consumer Credit Card Program
  • Diagnostic Assistance
  • Endorsed Insurance Provider
  • Fuel Savings Tips
  • Inspection Forms
  • Mailing Programs (CustomerLink)
  • Menu Board
  • National Convention Participation
  • National Service Dealer Advisory Council
  • Oil Change Sticker Printer
  • On-Hold Messages
  • Point of Sale (POS) Kits
  • Road Hazard Warranty Plan
  • Roadside Assistance Certificates
  • System Operation Analysis Forms (SOAF)
  • Technician (E-Tech) Career Development
  • Web Sites
  • WOLCO Leasing